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Mountainous Nafpaktia is a virgin place with incomparable beauty

Rich fauna and unique flora. Eminently mountainous region, big mountainous volumes, very beautiful forests, clean waters from the countless natural sources, amazingly very beautiful landscapes!

From the innumerable choices that can some visitor follow so that it discovers Mountainous Nafpaktia, we chose those that can combine better with your stay in our hostel "oreini Nafpaktia" in Paleopirgos village.

The locality that has been built the village is unique and at the same time preferential, it is found precisely in the center of Nafpaktia Province, any point wants somebody to visit it does not abstain more than twenty minutes from our hostel. therefore constitute a first class seat for the campaigns in the entire region.

Paleopirgos: Visit the very beautiful old churches of village that globally reach 17 and most have history of centuries. Graphic stone buildings on mountain tops and marvelous valleys. Go up in mountain "Saint Konstantinos" in altitude 1470[m]. and see closely the small homonym small church in his top. If you love the walk and the ascents, this is a route of two hours roughly walking that will leave to you the better recollections. Walk in the streets and the back streets of village and will discover in each corner the life of a really traditional village, untouched from the interventions of tourism and the city luxuries, simple and frugal as a village of… Mountainous Nafpaktia. Walk in and round the village, enjoy verdant parts, discover a lot of water sources, meet hospitable persons.

Agia Kiriaki: locality verdant from firs in an altitude of about a thousand meters where exists an old church. Beloved destination of many people, specifically in the festival that becomes there.

Roupakia: Very beautiful wood, only a little far out of village, very tall Oaks and fern. There is a tavern that can somebody visit. Each summertime -last Sunday of June- is organized in Roupakia by the Intellectual Centre of Municipality Pylinis the event "Pylinion Poimenikos Bios" with representations from the life of residents of Mountainous Nafpaktia.

Near Villages and localities
Stranoma: Can visit the river Eyinos and see the old bridge(kareli).

Loutra Stahtis: Traditional spa that offer the possibility of spa therapy in individual or public baths, for those who have diseases of skin, renal disturbances or infections of urinary system. Opened to public only in the summer months.

The bridge of Artotivas (Achladokastro): it was manufactured at 1st Venetian domination 1407-1499 in form arched and is stone-built with lime mortar. It is little found in unique place in the narrower point of river Eyinos where meets his tributary Kotsalos. It has opening 22,35 m., width of 2,4 m. and thickness 1m. It was Connecting Western Aitolia with Mountainous Nafpaktia and Evrytania up to the decade 1950, when was manufactured the new street Nafpatos-Platanos.

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