Traditional Stone Hostels in Mountainous Nafpaktia

We Wellcome you at " Mountainous Nafpaktia". our traditional stone hostels in village Paleopirgos at Nafpaktia province in Etoloakarnania state.

In altitude 720m. in the centre of village Paleopirgos you will find our traditional stone lodgings, capable to provide you all comforts, the hospitality the quietness, the marvelous Greek countryside. Come to entertain you and pass together with us unforgettable moments!

Our Hostels in village Paleopirgos are built in one of the most beautiful and near to nafpaktos villages, hardly 25 kilometres northern on the 24th Nafpaktos-Platanos provincial road, in the center of Nafpaktia. It is advisable as seat for your escapes in entire Mountainous Nafpaktia, Nafpaktos and not only!